mintj… hmmm… if you’re wondering I pronounce it as mint j.   I chose the name intuitively… before I actually spent some time thinking about what the name meant or if it fit my blog… go figure… mint means fresh or like the feeling you get when you eat a mint and J stands for chatterbox… so here’s what I think… Fresh Opinions… controversial at best… but fresh… true… not what everyone expects and/or wants to hear…

I am known for having a rare personality… very few people have the same personality as me… I guess that’s why people call me controversial… jajaja… I am one of those creative, imaginary, outspoken, bright, opinionated, reserved, analytical people masked by expected socially appropriate characteristics (only sometimes)…

somewhere along the line of being perfect, I got lost… I can truly say that now I am on the path to me…

I value honesty even if the truth hurts… so please understand I speak my mind… my objective is not to offend anyone… I simply view things as they are in my mind which typically does not take into account feelings or what is considered to be politically correct…

I see life through objective lenses and as a learning experience. I have trouble understanding things which are not logical in my head! However, I escape to “lala land” frequently… it’s better than coping with all the imperfections and cynical aspects of real life… Dreaming is a free escape… everyone should take advantage of it…

Symbolism is a great way to view life… I also believe everything happens for a reason… Sometimes you can’t figure it out until later… I tend to try to fix things… (that’s the perfectionist in me) but I am considered to be absent-minded…

I truly have the best intentions in all my work, life, and play… even though sometimes I forget that other people and other personalities hold feelings as a priority over thought… It gets me into trouble… but if there weren’t people like me out there then all kinds of emotional reactions would cause more chaos than we already live in.

Have fun reading and enjoying my blog!


3 Responses to “Behind the Name”

  1. good morning marcia

    i am in the process of putting up a multi user site
    it will be for children and will be populated by a thornton burgess
    population of animals

    as a start i have to come up with 16 themes for the 16 meyers-briggs
    categories – ie 16 themes

    yours was the 1st intp site i looked at to get some ideas regards platte, set of colors that is right for intp

    any ideas about this beyond intp, intj

    would you like to come over to and play

    1. mintj Says:


      I read your post on and I am still not sure what your site is about. Regarding colors… I enjoy colors that are neutral with accents… such as greens, browns, soft blues… I like cheery colors… not too muted and not too dark… I enjoys lots of sunlight and need windows to feel energized and not feel too enclosed. I like open spaces… clean lines… modern colors with accents.

      does this help?

  2. “Somewhere along the line of being perfect, I got lost.” I can relate to this statement so much. Wow, so much meaning right there.

    It is a pleasure to meet you! From your bio, I can tell you that we have quite a bit in common. I look forward to our conversations in the future!

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