Here I am thinking about how my life has changed in the past year!   One year… that’s such a short time for such big changes occurred in my life and my wellbeing!

I feel great!  I feel happy!  I feel in control!  I feel like I am creating the life I desire to live!  I am on the path to my true heart’s desire!

How wonderful is that?

I can honestly say that I am grateful for everything and everyone I encounter in my life at this time.  I have been grateful for the rain, my family, my home, and my teachers!

Looking back and reflecting I’ve come to realize that changing your attitude about life and your experiences really does make a difference in the unfolding of your life!

The more grateful you become through your journey of self discovery; the more comfortable you feel in your own skin!
The more affirmations you give yourself; the more wonderful things begin to happen!  All you have to do is ask, intend, or wish!

You see last year I was very unhappy.  I was sad.  I cried uncontrollably with strangers I didn’t even know.  I was out of my element.  I was out of control.  All this made the rest of my family unstable and unhappy as well.

I began seeing a therapist who helped me through a crisis of depression and supported me through my self discovery and exploration.  She helped me realize that some of my emotions weren’t really my emotions.  They were emotions that were handed down to me from others.

As I began to re-learn how to say no and honor my desires, I began to grow in all areas of my life.  I began to understand where these emotions were from and how to deal with them on a level I was comfortable.

My attitude began to change.  My life began to change.  Miracles, blessings, desires, and wishes have all begun to come true.

It took hard work and determination.  I had to go against the grain; against my habits.  It was well worth it!

Some things I have done to help myself along:

1. Pray everyday (not just sometimes)

2. Be grateful everday (not just when I remember to)

3. Say “Thank you” (even if its to my husband for taking out the trash or to my son for following directions)

4. Meditation

5. Time for nuturing myself (a SELF playdate: no friends or loved ones invited)

6. I engaged in DEEP LISTENING (really concentrate on the conversations I have with others)

7. I practice loving speech (work in progress!)

8.  Avoid negative energy, triangulation (in other words: gossip)

9.  Remove my self from uncomfortable situations or places.

10. Eat healthy and exercise (increase veggies, decrease meats, increase organic and natural foods)

11. Practice yoga, Reiki, and other forms of relaxation, stress-reduction, and natural healing!

I am grateful to all my teachers, guides, angels, and supportive high energy people who have cheered me along.  I am able to really listen to my higher self and trust in my higher self to guide me to my true heart’s desire.

It’s a blessing to have experienced such pain; without that experience I would not have known what happiness is!
Love and Light… Peace and Love…

Positive Energy sent to all those who read my blog!