There’s nothing more wonderful than finding a community where you fit in… Where others have interests similar to yourself.
Through my  journey to rediscover myself, I realized that I started doing things that brought me joy as a child.  It just seemed natural to want to find that Happy Place in myself…

So I went in search of all the things that brought me joy.  The interesting thing is that many of the things that brought me joy were not really my interests in other words  they really didn’t bring me joy.

What brought me joy was making others happy, specifically my mom.  So even though I enjoyed doing some of the things I did, it wasn’t really an interest of mine.  I pursued them for my mom.

I felt I was responsible for my mom’s happiness.  So if it made mom happy, then I did my best to do it and enjoy it.  You see I discounted my own feelings and desires to make sure that She was happy or that there was some harmony in my home.

Don’t get me wrong there were plenty a time when I rebelled and worked hard to go against what everyone else wanted me to do or rather, thought I should do.  Everyone was working in my best interest and because they cared.

They never realized that they cared so much, I got confused and started doing things because that’s what I should do not what I want to do.

Now, by going back and experiencing activities which I thought brought me joy, I realize some of those activities brought me joy because they brought others joy.

The other day I chose to go to a yoga class at a studio close to my home.  I had experienced different types of yoga in different environments but never really found a studio that made me feel good.

I practiced off and on out of my home throughout the last 5+ years.  Since I went to the class on Friday, I now realize that a yoga studio is where I belong.  There are people with similar interests that I can talk to.  I can feel comfortable in my own skin.

I plan to discontinue my aerobics classes and focus my energy on yoga and finding a community where I belong and can talk to people about my interests.

It took hard work to find out that I tend to ignore my feelings and my desires and focus on what I should do and what other people would like to see me do.

I am determined to create a life full of peace and happiness.  I will live for me.  The rest will come along including supportive friends and family and communities.

It takes courage, hard work, and determination to find the real you and to choose to live by your standards!