Most people don’t realize that there is a subspecialty of Pediatricians who specialize in development.

These pediatricians are called developmental pediatrician.

It’s no wonder why many pediatricians do not refer their patients out to specialists. Regular pediatricians focus on health vs illness and on the child globally. They have an overall understanding of development.

Regular pediatricians do not spend enough time with their patients to determine if there are delays in areas of development which are more subjective such as social-emotional development and speech and language development.

These areas of developments cannot be measured by a blood test, weight, circumference, and whether they are walking or running. These milestone measures are very concrete…

Social – emotional development and speech and language development are areas of development which are very abstract and difficult to judge when you have only been with the child for a few minutes over a sporadic period of time.

This is why if you have concerns regarding your child’s speech and language skills have a speech pathologist evaluate them.

Medical doctor referrals are not needed for speech pathology evaluations. Speech language pathologists are trained to refer their patients out for further evaluations if they deem necessary.

Social emotional development can be measured by Early Childhood specialists, psychologists, and developmental pediatricians.

Developmental Pediatricians work with a team who evaluate child globally in terms of development.

For more information check out the American Academy of Pediatrics for more information.