Can you be grateful and want more than you already have at the same time?   Why should we have to feel guilty if we want more than we have… Some people want more but aren’t grateful for what they have… I believe there are people who are grateful and want more… For example, I want a new job but that does not necessarily mean I am not grateful the one I do have now.


What does grateful mean anyways? 

According to  grateful means:

Appreciative of benefits received; affording pleasure or comfort… agreeable…


Just because your thankful does not mean you have to settle for what you have… You can still strive for more… you can still strive for acheiving your goals… I mean once you have met your goal and your grateful for acheiving your goal you will no’t want more… you may want something else not related to your goal but ideally you will not want more of that same goal… So if your goal is to own a house and you are satisfied with your house and of course grateful about your house… you will no’t want another house… Right?


What about all those people who acheive their goals?  Are they grateful?  Is there a point in your life when you are comfortable and satsified with what you have and the goals you have acheived?


Maybe it is not that you are not grateful for what you have just because you want more… Maybe it is that you are grateful for what you will receive in the future.  I mean you are feeling gratitude before you receive.   You are expressing your appreciation before you get what you desire. 


Grateful for the future.  Grateful for all good things you are receiving now and will receive later.  Appreciation for what you have and for what there is to come.